Christmas Pictures

Christmas Pictures

For a short while around the time I was in junior high and high school, my parents got a live tree for Christmas. This is the last live tree we put up. Once we brought it in from the cold, it thawed, and the branches straightened, widening the tree much more than we'd anticipated. As a result, it had to be cut up to be taken out once Christmas was over, creating a big mess. While living in Ashland, Ohio, for Christmas 1998, I put up the tree I had purchased when I was in grad school at BGSU. With the fireplace in the apartment I was renting, it created a nice homey effect. On Christmas Eve 2000 while living at my parents' house, I set up my original Lionel train set so that it was going from a loop in the living room to a loop in the TV/family room and passing under their tree. For Christmas 2002, I was in my new townhouse and put my tree up in the corner of my living room. I also had a 50-light string of lights in each of my four windows, green bulbs in the porch lights, and a wreath on my front door.
With the tree in the corner, I had to readjust the Lionel track so that the train running around the perimeter of my living room ran in front of the tree. In 2003, I purchased some more Lionel cars and a new locomotive from my late great uncle's estate. To accomodate the longer train and the new Nativity set under the front of the tree, I routed the track to continue behind the tree, turn in the corner, and come out under the front of the tree next to the Nativity. With the presents in place, it looked like the Lionel was coming out of a tunnel to run around the living room and disappear behind the couch again. Another view of the 2003 tree.
For Christmas 2004, I replaced all of the lights on the tree since I had about a half dozen brands of lights on the tree of different voltages. With all of the lights being of the same brand and voltages, replacing a burned out bulb became much simpler. Another thing I did for 2004 was replacing the strings of lights around each window with an electric candle in each window. It was much easier than trying to keep the lights up around each window like I had been doing. 2004 was also the last year of having the blinds open in the living room for my tree to be visible by people going past outside. The Monday after Thanksgiving that year, my townhouse had been broken into by a kid that had visited my neighbors numerous times and had used my open blinds to look in and case my place. Christmas 2005
Christmas 2005 Christmas 2005 Christmas 2005 Christmas 2005
Christmas 2005 By 2005, Mom and Dad stopped putting up a full tree and went for a smaller tabletop tree for Christmas. Christmas 2006 Christmas 2006
In 2007, I didn't have the tree up. I didn't want my cats Chessie and Casey Jones to get into it, and at that time, Casey's kennel was in my home office. Mom still put up their tree though. For Christmas 2008, I started putting up my tree in my home office inside the oval that my Lionel train ran on by the window. That allowed me to have the tree and keep the cats shut out of the room so that the cats couldn't get to it. Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008
Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008 at Mom and Dad's Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009 at Mom and Dad's For Christmas 2010, I started putting out some of the decorations that I hadn't put out since getting the cats. Since I couldn't put them out where the cats could get at things, I added them in with the presents under the tree, which I think added a nice touch. Christmas 2010 Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010 When putting up my tree in 2011, I took a picture of the entire Hallmark Lionel ornament collection that I have going back to 1996. Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011
Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011
Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Proof that Santa exists
My 2012 Clark W. Griswold Christmas Tree.
The reason for the season. Various pictures of the tree.
Various pictures of the tree.
Another picture of the tree. The reason for the season.

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