Me, Family, and Friends

Me, My Family, and My Friends


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My grandparents, cousins from Mom's side of the family, and me My parents and me Unwrapping my Lionel train set (Christmas 1976) Watching the Lionel run (Christmas 1976)
Holding my brother Chad (Fall 1977) Benji, me, and Chad Christmas 1978
Various Pictures
Waiting in Bucyrus for a Norfolk Southern steam train excursion (Summer 1986) Family picture at home (Around 1990) Family picture on high school graduation day (1992) My grandparents (1992)
Heidelberg College graduation (1996) JAWS tattoo (Summer 1996) My long hair days (Fall 1996) Hootie and the Blowfish tattoo (Summer 1997)
Christmas 2005
Mom and Dad unwrap one of their presents. Uncle Bill Mom and Dad unwrap more presents. Me and Chad
Family picture Mom and Dad
April 2007
Chessie (my new kitten) curls up with my brother at our parents' house. Chessie naps with Dad Chessie curled up with Mom Chessie and me as he took a nap
Wynford High School 15-Year Reunion (2007)
First row: Lisa, Heather, Karen, Jenny, and Kim
Second row: Tammy, Andrea, Megan, Charity, and Layla
Back row: Matt, Bart, me, Brian, Craig, Beth, Dwayne, and Mollie
Chad and Charity's Wedding (October 2008)
Family picture at the Kingwood Center in Mansfield, Ohio Exchanging of vows and rings Happily married Chayde, Chad, Charity, and Chay Linn
Extended family picture with parents Extended family picture with siblings Dad, Mom, Charity, Chad, and me The happy couple
Chayde liked feeding the ducks. The happy couple Ducks Duck
Christmas 2008
Chayde puts a bow on his head to show off. Chayde loves emergency vehicles so he really enjoyed his new fire truck. Chay Linn shows off one of her presents. Christmas presents were always fun when they were the same size as you.
Chayde liked the new workbench that Santa brought him. He also like the DVD that I asked Santa to bring him. We assembled Chayde's new workbench, and he worked away for the rest of the evening.
Christmas 2009
Unwrapping presents Chayde loves trains and anything to do with Thomas the Tank Engine. He also loves the TV show Emergency! and all of the emergency vehicles on the show. Winding down from unwrapping presents.
Various Pictures from 2010
Chayde and Ellie Chad and Ellie Chad and Dad at Joe's Crab Shack Me and Chayde
Christmas 2010
Chayde unwrapping a present Chayde is also crazy about farm machinery. Really getting into unwrapping presents Santa brought him some train CDs.
Chad unwraps a preset while Chayde and Charity watch. Chad shows off their new electric skillet. Charity unwraps a preset while Chad watches. Chad and Charity unwrapping presents
New books Mom shows off a new book they got. Dad shows off a new book they got.
Various Pictures From 2011
Chayde Chay Linn Dad Chad and Dad with Shiloh between them
Chayde and Ellie playing around
Wagner Family Reunion (July 2011)
Family photos were laid out for everybody to see.
Since this was the 60th annual reunion, we had a large cake made. More family photos and information Table with the cake and family photos and information My dessert seemed to go over very well.
We always have plenty of food at our reunions. Dad and one of my cousins from Wisconsin joke around. My cousin's husband Pat was busy taking pictures too. One of my Wisconsin cousins, Dad, Charity, and Chad
Chad had to go on duty after the reunion so he came in uniform. Cake and ice cream getting served Charity's meatballs are delicious! Mom and Charity packaging up some leftovers.
Later on, I showed off some of my artwork that I had been doing. We then just hung out and talked a while. In addition to my paintings, I had brought along my brushes, palette knives, palette, and supplies catalog for everybody to see.
Front row: Aunts Sylvia, Mary, and Martha
Back row: Uncle Glen, Uncle Ronnie, and Dad
Aunt Martha and her kids
Various Pictures From 2011
Chad gives Chayde a piggyback ride. Chayde goofing around Dale's headstone Grandma and Grandpa's headstone
Back of my grandparents' headstone Grandma and Grandpa's wedding picture on their headstone Uncle Wilber and Great Grandma Parcher's headstone
Wagner Family Reunion (November 2011)
Seated:Aunts Mary, Martha, and Sylvia
Standing: Uncles Ronnie, Glen, and Richard and Dad
Aunts and uncles and their spouses Cousins and their spouses
Christmas 2011
Chayde unwraps a new Lego set. Chayde likes that he now had plastic to use at stores. Here's an example of how Santa likes to fool Chayde. He thought it was a box of Ritz crackers, but when he opened the box, it was a DVD.
Chayde checked out his other DVD that Santa brought him. Mom and Dad unwrap their Visa gift card. Chad tears into his and Charity's present.
They got a Visa gift card, too. Mom begins unwrapping her and Dad's second present. They loved their new painting. Chad and Charity start opening their second present.
They loved their new painting, too. The artist with two of his paintings.

Kevin L. Wagner

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